Beyond Words Solutions Inc. is a boutique French<>English translation agency specialized  in International development/cooperation, global health and corporate communications.

We work exclusively with a small group of carefully vetted linguists with proven expertise in our areas of specialization.

Our Story



We started out as a solo freelance translation business and as clients entrusted us with more work for homogeneity of quality and consistency in terminology, we began partnering with vetted colleagues in the same areas of expertise for co-editing/proofreading, collaboration on large, time-sensitive projects. We are specialized enough to provide you top notch services, and small enough to do it in a customized manner.

18 years and counting, we have helped clients at various stages of project planning|implementation|monitoring and are proud to be contributing to improved health, poverty reduction, environmental protection, better living standards, reduction in mortality rates, tobacco use and overall peace and prosperity through quality translation.




Born to translate...


Carefully planned-out specialization path...

Mourine Breiner is an expert French-English translator for the international development sector with almost 2 decades of experience. Her in-depth and first-hand knowledge of, and experience in Central and West African culture and geopolitics, have made her an expert in translating content for/from those regions.

From a bilingual high school diploma to a License es-lettres bilingues (bilingual bachelor's degree), and a Master’s degree in Translation, she had a well-calculated career path from the outset. In order to specialize, she pursued jobs in the international development/NGO/Government/diplomatic sectors, occupying translation and non-translation related roles. Simultaneously, she worked as a freelance translator, gathering terminology and honing her skills until 2016 when she decided it was time to officially fulfill her dream, passion and purpose. 

Mourine's educational and professional backgrounds, as well as her carefully planned specialization path, continue to pay off, one translation project at a time.


  • Master of Arts in Translation; French<>English

  • Graduate Certificate in Website Translation and Localization

  • Graduate Certificate in Computer Assisted Translation

  • Bachelor of Arts in Bilingual Studies; French|English

  • High School Diploma in Bilingual Studies; French|English

Professional Affiliations

  • Voting member; American Translators Association (ATA)

  • Board member; North East Ohio Translators Association (NOTA)

  • Member; New York Circle of Translators (NYCT)

  • Member; National Language Service Corps (NLSC)

  • Member; American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


Mourine is a timely, top-of-the-line professional, and has great integrity with her product. I will be most pleased to continue to work with her for French translation!

Language Service Provider

Thanks a million Miss Mourine! I just wanted to tell you our kids now have their Belgian passport and I owe it to your papers… Merci infiniement; you’re the best! Surely, we will be needing your services soon…

Direct Client

I am very satisfied to have worked with Mourine! She was exceptional and I have been recommending her services. She is very professional and went above and beyond to satisfy our need. Merci encore Mourine!

Direct Client

Strongly recommend Mourine. Worked with her for an English to French translation of very sensitive documents. Outstanding service very professional and fast.

Direct Client

She is ultimately professional and prompt. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Language Service Provider

Mourine helped us with an urgent project, FR-EN, pharmaceutics. Very responsive and professional translator!

Language Service Provider

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