Through quality and culturally-sensitive international development translation, global health translation, business translation, and personal document translation, I have helped clients break cultural and language barriers and enabled:

  • development organizations and their partners bridge gaps to implement various life-changing Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals with a message that’s both appealing to, and appropriate for their target audiences including beneficiary communities;

  • businesses and corporations penetrate African, British, US, and French markets or make technological advancements;

  • individuals change citizenship, immigration status and careers.

Customer-Centric Approach

As Michael LeBoeuf rightly puts it, "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all". I have experienced this first hand and remain humbled by my clients' loyalty, repeat business and referrals. I handle every client’s request differently and apply solutions tailored to meet their unique need (s). I ask for client and project-specific requirements. I strive to know my client's business; I'm your partner; not just a vendor. I'm with you throughout the process: sales, production, delivery, post-delivery to ensure your total satisfaction with the consistently high quality service you receive.

Quality Control|Assurance 

I implement a replicable translation and quality control process that is applicable to every project and every customer. Depending on the context, steps are adapted to need. This uniform, yet customizable approach, guarantees homogenous quality of service and consistency in output. My customers quickly realize they are essentially receiving TEP service. The personal satisfaction and the positive feedback I receive, as well as the resulting repeat business constitute the backbone of my translation business. For more on my quality assurance process, please click here.