Our Beyond Words Solutions, Africa unit started as a collective of like-minded French and English translators with expertise in content for and from Africa. As our collaboration grew, so did the need for more coordination and standardization.

Of the estimated 274 million French speakers in the world, about 54.7% live in Africa; making it home to the largest number of French speakers. 

With over 1500 languages spoken by about 3000 ethnic groups across some 54 countries, Africa is blessed with a lot of cultural and linguistic diversity. Every country (even ethnic groups within the same country) are different in terms of arts/crafts, folklore/religion, clothing, cuisine, music and languages. Our clients with content for and from Africa, have especially benefited from our knowledge of the region and cultural awareness. We work with clients who are either already established in Africa or are about to penetrate one of its emerging markets. We help them circumvent their difficulties in speaking or understanding 'African' by adapting slogans, concepts, pitches, images, campaigns and layouts to suit local beliefs and culture. We also translate local myths and folktales into global English|French or equivalent target culture.

Customers trust us with the translation, transcreation, localization, editing and proofreading of their personal, business or project documents for, and from the African continent. Our most recent projects include:

  • HIV impact assessment reports
  • working with a bank to ensure their new product reflects the Cameroonian society as much as possible;
  • proofreading marketing campaigns and adapting software for a West African based telephone company

We also provide interpreting and transcription services in English|French and the following African languages: Arabic, Ewondo, Fulani, Hausa, Mungaka, Pidgin English and Wolof.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart” Nelson Mandela

Our in depth knowledge of Central and West Africa has been an asset in translating content for and from those regions. We cruise through content for and from those regions, catching nuances, understanding context and culture, visualizing concepts, thinking African and trancreating expressions and sometimes entire content for target audiences of all works of life. We craft texts in different levels of language depending on the target audience. Knowledge of those subtleties and the proven ability to deliver culturally appropriate and sensitive content have been the driving factors behind our repeat clients.

We are your African culture eyes and voice and will work with you to make your product or service is adapted to the target audience, especially in Central and West Africa. Currencies, units of measurement, legal frameworks etc. do not escape our vigilance.










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