Delivering Quality French-English Translation Services Since 2004

For over 14 years as a freelance French-English translator, I have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of subject areas, leading to specialization in international development translation, global health translation and corporate communications translation. I also have proven expertise in patent translation, legal translation and personal document translation. I deliver fast, reliable, quality and culturally-sensitive services using the industry’s best translation memory tools. 

I partner with a vetted colleague for:

  • Co-editing and proofreading based on our strengths and expertise in certain subject areas. A second set of eyes always comes in handy;
  • Collaboration on large projects with short deadlines: in order to maintain uniform quality and consistency in terminology, some clients prefer I handle entire projects instead of them splitting among several independent linguists;
  • Backup when I'm vacation.

Over the years, clients have entrusted me with the translation, editing/proofreading or review of personal and the following document types:


Customer-Centric Approach

As Michael LeBoeuf rightly puts it, "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all". I have experienced this first hand and remain humbled by my clients' loyalty, repeat business and referrals. I handle every customer’s request differently and apply solutions tailored to meet their unique need (s). I strive to know my client's business; I'm your partner; not just a vendor. I'm with you throughout the process: sales, production, delivery, post-delivery to ensure your total satisfaction with the consistently high quality service you receive.

Quality Assurance

I implement a replicable translation and quality control process that is applicable on every project and every customer. Depending on the context, steps are adapted to need. This uniform, yet customizable approach, guarantees consistent quality. My customers are happy to factor in and allocate an extra hour or two for this stringent process. They know they're essentially receiving TEP service. The personal satisfaction and the positive feedback I receive, as well as the resulting repeat business constitute the backbone of my translation business.